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Feb 15, 2013 4:00pm PST
explosion over russia. >> came out of nowhere. blinding light streaking across the sky, and then... shock wave. the blast shattering windows and knocking down a wall. witnesses thought they were under attack. they're bombing this man says, and on the streets, chaos. scientists say this was the biggest meteor in over a century, 7700 tons much of it burned upaq!aƱ but flagments slammed into the ground and smashed into a lake. >> it's no small he skprent shows you the destructive nature of the objects. >> what nasa says it was not was part of this asteroid. it buzzed clo to earth today. 100 tons races towards earth every day. national safety counsel estimates you're twice as likely to be struck by lightning than hit by an asteroid but three times more likely than being injured by fire works. 20,000 troops have been sent to help residents. those people are spending a night without windows temperatures in that part of russia are well below zero tonight. >> a giant asteroid talking about has nothing to do with the meteor that hit russia. that one hurled past earth today just before 11:30 our t
Feb 6, 2013 4:00pm PST
is adjusting to live in arkansas. there she s her fate in limbo after russia imposed an adoption ban to retaliate for human rights sanctions against russia. when she first arrived paul liena cheered. >> she's learning it's forever. and we'll be there when she goes to sleep, when she wakes up. >> authorities allowed about 50 children to go to the united states including paulina. her family's papers received court approval just before the ban took effect january 1. hundreds more adopgsz are still stuck. those families may never see the children again. >> growing up in silicon valley doesn't necessarily mean every student has access to computers but a program is giving students a chance to make their own video games. >> i began this i was really lost. because i've never done programming. >> he is aspiring to become an automotive engineer but the passion now is video games. for five months he and fellow high school senior have been learning how to plan, program design, and produce a video game. is it's a program with their day to show off their work. the goal to help foster interests at
Feb 18, 2013 4:00pm PST
grisly. >> a hunt for pieces of a meteor that slammed into russia last week. >> and we know the cause of a fire that crippled a cruise ship stranding >>> immigration reform won't be easy. a white house plan for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants has drawn immediate fire. more on the political infighting. >> the already heated battle over immigration reforms now simmering when a draft proposal leaked. the document reportedly spells out a plan allowing illegal immigrants to become permanent residents after eight years, expanding the e-verify system and provide more money for border security. backlash is pouring in from republican autos we don't want to give them an advantage over those who came here legally wex think there is a way to do this, still respecting the rule of law. it's clear what the president is talking about does not do that. >> he said no communications with republicans on the issue. >> the white house says the president is supportive of bipartisan efforts claiming the draft only spells out a back up plan promised several weeksing ayes. >> if congress is unable
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3